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nx-videoBox light

Light-weight, responsive joomla Module for Youtube & Vimeo Video's

With our nx-videoBox light Module you are able to display Youtube & Vimeo Videos on any Moduleposition or Textblock of your Website.

You have no longer to put in manually the iFrame Script into your textfields and hope that your WYSIWYG editor not stripe it out after saving.

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Our nx-videoBox light is designed to be a simple Module to publish Youtube or Vimeo Video's on your Site. After just three configurations to set you are good to go. The responsive Script inside our Module will do the rest for you. There is no need to adjust the width settings. The Module takes 100% of the parent container, always.

nx-videoBox light inside your Content

You can also use joomla's loadposition feature to publish your favorite Youtube or Vimeo Video's direct inside your Content.

{ loadposition myPosition }

Avaiable Options

Video Source
Choose the Source of your Video avaiable Options are: Youtube, Vimeo
Video ID
Tell the module which video it has to play. Use the Video ID from the embedded Code or directly from the adressbar from Vimeo or Youtube.
Fullscreen Option
Select if the Fullscreen Option for this video should be avaiable or not.

Main Features

  • is Responsive
  • supports Youtube & Vimeo
  • has a Fullscreen Option per Module Instance
  • multiple Instances on same Page
  • stay's Up2Date with joomla Updater
  • is for free

Direct Download

Direct Download


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